My Story

I was born in England and came to Canada when I was 21.  At the time,  I had two resources in abundance: No money and lots of free time. Garbage day was always an interesting time at my house. I would mix garbage finds with cheap things I'd find at antique markets and garage sales, I would fix up these pieces to fit in with my space. When I saw a piece at a store that I really liked I would save my money and I would make it happen. When I have a design idea or vision in my head I need to turn into reality almost obsessively. 

My mother was an art teacher and my oldest brother can draw better than anyone I know. I grew up surrounded by art materials and creative people, never really having much choice as to which direction I would be heading in my career, it was the arts. I loved art at school and I seemed to do well in the subject. Eventually I attained a degree in Fine Arts specializing in ceramics.  I loved building things with my hands, if I had an idea for a pottery piece I wouldn't waste my time drawing, I would get straight into making the piece.

When I moved to Canada I had the good fortune to meet some great people that gave me an introduction, and later a foothold in the Toronto art scene. I worked for a time at the Kosoy & Bouchard ceramic and glass studio. Every day we would would be faced with creative problems and we would have to solve them to make these visions a reality. It was my first job actually doing what I wanted to do and I loved it.

I have an ever so slight hoarding gene embedded in my DNA. I'm a collector. I can't just have one of something, I need the whole set and in every available colour. I used to collect objects in phases. One day it was ashtrays even though I don't smoke. The next day it would be candlesticks and I would have to buy every candlestick I came across. These passionate searches of mine would lead me to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and these meetings would happen in the oddest of places. I would buy a giant clam shell at a strip mall from the trunk of a strangers car in the middle of the night and drag it home on the subway.  I would buy a painting from a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy I knew. These odd and rather random introductions and meetings have lead me to amass the collection I have today. As a result, every piece I own has a story.

There are so many avenues to explore when it comes to fulfilling your vision. Traditional retail stores are limited in what they can offer,  and what they do offer is often mass produced. I find a lot of enjoyment in the hunt.  If it's beautiful doesn't matter where it came from, be it a flea market, garage sale, antiques auction or a high street store. If it completes your vision then it's priceless. 

This website is really a published exploration of my ever changing journey and interests. The art works and other pieces I will be showing on this site are a result of friendships I have cultivated through common interests, and through my never ending search for more. I have created for myself a perpetual education on art, how that art was produced, why it was produced and how people came into its ownership. My enjoyment comes from putting these varied objects together to create something new and beautiful, to enrich my life and hopefully yours.


Special contributors Fran Hill, Laurie Burns, Nirvana Qin and Lesli Schneider.